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Exciting New Features Available In Latest Dexcom G6 App Update

Published on: 12 November 2021

Dexcom is proud to announce a range of exciting updates to the Dexcom G6 app for Canadian users. These new features include increased Follower allowances, Siri integrations for iOS users, new Do Not Disturb (DND) permissions for Android devices, and more. These updates work to make the Dexcom G6 app experience even better, adding important new features for improved safety and convenience.

New G6 App Features Are Here

New G6 App Features Are Here

The Dexcom G6 app update is now available, offering a host of new features for Dexcom G6 users.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Up to 10 Followers: The number of Followers has increased from 5 to 10, giving users the ability to expand their circle of care, making it possible for more people to contribute to their diabetes management.
  • Siri integration with voice activation for iOS users: With the latest Siri integrations, Dexcom G6 users can now check glucose levels by asking Siri, “Hey Siri, what’s my glucose?”
  • More Apple Watch options: New watch face complications give wearers more options to view their Dexcom G6 data on newer Apple Watches.
  • Easy access to Dexcom CLARITY icon on landscape view: Users on a compatible smart device can easily and quickly navigate to the Dexcom CLARITY app from the Dexcom G6 app to access real-time and retrospective glucose data.
  • Notification bypass in Do Not Disturb (DND) mode: Android phone users can receive important alert and alarm notifications from the Dexcom G6 app even when their phones are set to silent (more details below)

Android Do Not Disturb Permission

The Android Do Not Disturb permission ensures glucose alerts can sound even when a phone is in the most restrictive Do Not Disturb (DND) setting. With this update, users can hear the Urgent Low alarm and other important alerts even when using the DND setting.

As a reminder, most Dexcom G6 glucose alerts are customizable and can be edited in Alert settings. The Urgent Low alarm is the exception to this rule and cannot be turned off or muted during DND. All Android users must now allow this permission to continue using the Dexcom G6 Android app.

More Peace Of Mind With Dexcom

Learn more about our latest app updates here and remember to share these new updates with your patients to help them get the most out of their Dexcom G6.

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