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How the New AGP 5.0 Report Improves Glucose Management

Published on: 6 April 2023


The Ambulatory Glucose Profile (AGP) report is a standardized glucose report for healthcare professionals and people living with diabetes. It provides a big-picture overview of a person’s glucose management.

Through easy-to-understand visuals and a streamlined format, an AGP provides people with the knowledge to better manage their condition in partnership with their healthcare provider.

Sample of the AGP 5.0 Report

What is the AGP Report?

The AGP is a licensed, standardized, single-page glucose report created by the International Diabetes Center (IDC).

The goal of the AGP is to provide a high-level summary of a person’s diabetes management. It organizes glucose data into sections and uses colour-coded graphs to translate the information. The report includes the person’s average glucose levels, their Glucose Management Indicator (GMI), and the range of highs and lows they experience over a selected date range.

Learn how to analyze the AGP

What’s New About AGP 5.0?

Some healthcare professionals and people living with diabetes have found older versions of the AGP report difficult to read. The updated version 5.0 visualizes the data in a more accessible and digestible way.

The AGP 5.0 updates include:

  • Time in different target ranges is shown with coloured bars and percentages.
  • Time in Range (TIR) section now clarifies that each 1% is equal to 15 minutes in a range.
  • TIR bar rounds to a whole percentage point instead of to the nearest tenth.
  • Glucose metrics goals have been added for easy reference when educating patients.
  • Standard deviation is no longer mentioned to avoid confusion.
  • GMI now replaces estimated HbA1c (eA1C).

The GMI is an estimate of HbA1C based on average glucose over a period of at least 12 days. It provides a more comprehensive understanding of how well a person is managing their glucose while predicting their future lab A1C. GMI is made possible with data from real-time Continuous Glucose Monitoring (rtCGM) devices like the Dexcom G6 rtCGM System.

How the AGP Report Improves Diabetes Care

For some people living with diabetes, understanding their glucose data can be difficult and overwhelming. The AGP report simplifies it so that their glucose trends, patterns, and areas for improvement are easier to identify and interpret. The more aware they are of their glucose levels, the more motivated they might be to manage their diabetes effectively.

The AGP report also provides healthcare professionals with a streamlined snapshot of a person’s health. All clinically relevant information is presented on a single page, as opposed to multiple reports. This allows healthcare providers to quickly analyze the individual’s condition, easily communicate the results to them, and spend more time on shared decision-making discussions.

The most significant benefit of using the AGP report is its consistency across all devices, similar to an EKG. This feature ensures that healthcare providers can feel confident referencing the report and making decisions based on it.

Read more about the benefits of the AGP 5.0 report for healthcare providers and people living with diabetes.

AGP 5.0 is Available on Dexcom Clarity

Dexcom Clarity provides healthcare professionals with continuous glucose data through a range of interactive reports, including AGP 5.0.

The data is automatically sent from an individual’s Dexcom CGM app to the Dexcom Clarity clinic portal. With 24/7 access to relevant glucose patterns and statistics, healthcare providers can facilitate better conversations about a person’s glucose insights during clinic visits and telehealth. That means more efficient appointments, fewer visits, and improved care for people with diabetes.

Log in to Dexcom Clarity to start viewing and downloading AGP 5.0 reports:

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