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New Study Concludes Dexcom G7 is “Accurate and Safe” During Pregnancies Complicated by Diabetes

Published on: 3 June 2024


A recent clinical study1 found encouraging accuracy results for pregnant women who used the Dexcom G7 real-time Continuous Glucose Monitoring (rtCGM) System. The study followed 96 pregnant women and included women with all types of diabetes: type 1 diabetes (T1D), type 2 diabetes (T2D), and gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) over all trimesters of pregnancy.

Dexcom G7 was deemed both safe and accurate throughout pregnancy—an important finding, especially given the physical and anatomical changes a body undergoes during pregnancy and the challenges of living with diabetes while pregnant. Dexcom G7 supports greater peace of mind and better diabetes management during this time.

 In addition, Dexcom G7 represents an important first in Canada: It is the only continuous glucose monitoring system that Health Canada has approved for use during pregnancy.

Clinical Data Shows Dexcom G7 Provides Accurate Glucose Readings1

The study gathered data relating to the proportion of CGM values in the 2.2-22.2 mmol/L [40–400 mg/dL] range within 15% of the comparator glucose values (the %15/15 agreement rate) as well as the %20/20 agreement rate. The overall %15/15 and %20/20 agreement rates were 85.0% and 92.5% respectively, providing confidence in using Dexcom G7 during pregnancy. 

These agreement rates varied little when compared to studies involving Dexcom G7 use in non-pregnant adults with diabetes (%15/15 and %20/20 agreement rates of 89.6% and 95.3%, respectively)2 and children aged 2 through adolescents with diabetes (%15/15 and %20/20 agreement rates of 88.8% and 95.3%, respectively).3

The researchers concluded that Dexcom G7 provides accurate readings across all gestational ages in pregnant individuals with T1D, T2D, or GDM.

Dexcom G7 is Safe Throughout Pregnancy1 

Dexcom G7 sensors were well-tolerated throughout pregnancy, with only a small number of minor adverse effects reported and no serious adverse effects noted in any of the study participants. The researchers concluded that the Dexcom G7 rtCGM System is safe for pregnant individuals to use in managing their diabetes for the duration of their pregnancy.

Health Canada Approves Dexcom G7 for Use During Pregnancy 

Despite numerous technological advances in support of diabetes management, very few devices are approved for use in pregnant women with diabetes. Dexcom G7 is the only CGM system approved by Health Canada for use during pregnancy.

In addition, the ADA 2024 Standard of Care guidelines recommend using rtCGM at diagnosis and during T1D pregnancy for improved diabetes management and maternal and fetal outcomes. The Dexcom G7 rtCGM System can fill this role and is clinically assessed as safe and accurate for pregnant women with all forms of diabetes.

To support individuals with diabetes who are beginning family planning or have gestational diabetes, you may wish to introduce them to Dexcom G7. Request a sample here

1 Polsky S, et al. Performance of the Dexcom G7 System in Pregnant Womenwith Diabetes. Diabetes Technol Ther. 2024;26(5):307-12.
2 Garg SK, Kipnes M, Castorino K, et al. Accuracy and safety of Dexcom G7 continuous glucose monitoring in adults with diabetes. Diabetes Technol Ther. 2022;24:373–380.
3 Laffel LM, Bailey TS, Christiansen MP, et al. Accuracy of a seventh-generation continuous glucose monitoring system in children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes. J Diabetes Sci Technol. 2023;17:962–967

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