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Dexcom G6 is a real-time continuous glucose monitoring system (rtCGM) that sends glucose readings continuously to a compatible smart device* up to every five minutes. It is designed to replace fingerstick blood glucose testing for diabetes treatment decisions.

The following video provides important Dexcom G6 information for Pharmacists and Pharmacy team members.

Youtube icon View our Dexcom G6 training video playlist on YouTube for Pharmacists or Pharmacy Team Members.

Wholesaler Order Codes
  Product Description
Order Codes Dexcom G6 Sensor
Dexcom G6
Best Buy Medical Supplies DEX STS-GS-015 DEX STT-GS-007
Brunet 36886201 37771601
Distribution Pharmaplus STS-GS-015 STT-GS-007
Familiprix 166805 166808
GAMMA 1562112 1788030
Imperial (AB) 919381 948018
Imperial (BC) 001948 271955
Jean Coutu  756148 460046
Kohl & Frisch 164969 165219
LPG Inventory Solutions 038922 038988
McKesson 166818 169726
Shoppers Drug Mart Matrix DC 21444451 21454945
uniPHARM 2628709 2628717
UPC 386270001948 386270001955


New Transmitter Packaging
New Transmitter Packaging

Our new retail packaging for the Dexcom G6 Transmitter (STT-GS-007) simplifies dispensing by eliminating the need for Hello Dexcom initation kits when starting new patients. The new Transmitter packaging includes important Instructions for Use in English and French.

Prescription Refills
Prescription Refills

90-DAY RX FILL: Includes three (3) Dexcom G6 Sensor 3-Packs and one (1) Dexcom G6 Transmitter.

30-DAY RX FILL: Includes one (1) Dexcom G6 Sensor 3-Pack and one (1) Dexcom G6 Transmitter if not dispensed within the last 90 days.

90-day Rx fill is recommended unless otherwise directed by a provincial reimbursement program. For dispensing questions, please call us toll free at 1-844-536-1001.

Pharmacy Tools & Information Sheets
Pharmacy toolkit to help pharmacists dispense Dexcom G6
Pharmacy Toolkit
A helpful tool to give to patients first starting on Dexcom G6
Patient Onboarding Handout
Billing PINs for Pharmacy Adjudication
Billing PINs for Pharmacy Adjudication

To request printed copies of the Patient Onboarding Handout, please contact us
by toll-free phone at 1-844-536-8388 or by email at [email protected].

* For a list of compatible smart devices, visit